African Mountain Coffee

Our coffee originates from the farmers themselves, in Africa, and £1 is invested in “Microfinancing Farmers” from every Kg of coffee sold.

Siku 1g coffee beans

Siku - Tanzanian origin

This speciality bourbon coffee is grown in the Southern Highlands of the Tanzania in Songwe region.

Saro coffee beans 1Kg

Saro - Ugandan Organic Coffee

This coffee grows in the North West of Uganda, West Nile region at 1500-1800 meters above sea level.

African Mountain Coffee - Pure - Rwanda

Pure - Rwandan origin

This Speciality coffee is grown in Mountains of Muhanga; at 1600 meters above sea level, in the South of Rwanda with a variety speciality of +84%.

Paek coffee beans 1Kg

Peak - Kenyan origin

This arabica speciality Coffee is grown in the highland western slopes of Aberdare Mountain range.

Brave coffee beans 1Kg

Brave - Ethiopian origin

This Yirgacheffe speciality coffee is grown in the highlands of Sidamo region. This coffee grows at 1600-1800 meters above sea level.

Hand picking coffee berries


We are proud to bring you the best coffee beans grown on African soil. African coffee beans are known to provide the best intense coffee aroma. They are distinguished by their dry acidity, winey, and chocolatey, with rustic notes and citrus as well as berries and fruity flavours.

Coffee beans in one small bucket, ground coffee in another


What our customers have to say

  • I think the Saro coffee is wonderful


  • This is some of the best coffee that I have tasted, and it is great to know that buying it is enabling farmers in Africa to make a reasonable, honest living for themselves and their families.

    Fred Charteris

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