About Us

Drink Coffee and change lives:

We believe that consuming the best products in life shouldn’t come with a cost but a benefit: Knowing you’ve made a direct impact on someone else’s life, changed a community, and improved a country’s economy.

This company was created with the aspiration to directly connect two major players in the coffee cycle market: the farmers and the consumers.

We want to deliver the best Arabica coffee products of African origin to our clients as well as enabling local coffee farmers to produce sustainable speciality coffee through the provision of grants. We believe strongly in the power of direct trade; whereby fair prices are the key to the sustainable growth of economies in developing countries.

In addition to the benefits to the farmers from direct trade; for every 1KG of our coffee products sold, we give away £1 towards Microfinance grants. these grants help coffee farmers in remote rural areas to  increase their productivity, create jobs and promote the local economies and continue to provide great harvest. This enables them to have access to capital investment, which they would otherwise not be able to attain alone.

Coffee beans and ground coffee in a scoop
Coffee beans scattered around